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Writer - Graphic Designer - Filmmaker

My name is Stuart Popp.

I am a mustachio’d, hard-working Wookiee-at-heart, and a graphic designer, writer, and filmmaker. Based out of Vancouver, BC, I have a passion for doing creative work and have pursued that passion in my academic and professional careers. This pursuit has led me to produce live storytelling events, become a stand-up comedian, and design logos and poster for a variety of artists across Vancouver, along with a number of other projects. I’ve also enjoyed a nice roast beef sandwich now and then, so clearly my interests are vast and numerous. This breadth of interests, along with my ability to improvise, has allowed my creativity to grow and thrive.

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HUB Annual Report

Design, print production, and photo-editing for HUB: Your Cycling Connection.

Axium Dental Software

Wrote, directed, edited, and created graphic elements for an online promotional video.

Access to Music

A full rebrand of the former Music BC Charitable Foundation including a new logo, branding materials, and collateral materials.


Canon A-1. Kodak BW 100. Urban Photography.


Canon A-1. Kodachrome 100. Fashion Photography. Magic Hour.


Canon A-1. Kodak BW 100. Fashion Photography.

Pink Light Pictures

A logo design for a group of Vancouver indie filmmakers.

Samsung Smart TV

A concept video built around the concept of the evolution of entertainment (in this case the TV).

Brad Beth Contest Spot

An web-based commercial spot which invited potential consumers to "interrupt" Brad Beth, the personification of bad breath.


A book review of Gord Hill's The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book.

SAD MAG No. 14 Fantasy

A profile of a local artist, a tarot reading service, and Commercial Drive's Stormcrow Tavern.


Weekly podcasts that I write and host.

Copywriting Portfolio

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